So you've signed up to SkiBro. Congratulations🎉

To log into your portal head to

We recommend saving this tab on your phone and computer to make it easy to access.


Step 1: Create an account

If this is your first time logging into the portal click the 'create account' button shown below.

Step 2: Enter your email address and a password.
This will be the email and password you use in the future for logging in.

Click 'Create account'.


Do not close this page. Please. Do not close it yet!

Step 3: Find your code

You will receive a 6-digit code to the email address you entered.
Make sure to check your spam folder and inbox. This code will be used to verify your email.

Step 4: Enter Your code

On the next page you can enter your email address and 6 digit code on

Step 4: Hit Confirm and You're in!

Welcome to the provider portal 💻

From here you can manage all your activities, products and bookings.

We'll hook your profile up to this email address so you can see everything from here.


Don't worry, we all do it. With some many passwords it's easy to forget.

If you have either:

  • Logged in previously. Or know you have an old account.

  • Accidentally closed the set-up steps above for a code

Here is where we'll help you get back on track 😄


Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Hit the 'Reset Password' button

Step 3: Enter in your existing email address .

if you are unsure, email and we will be able to verify if an email address is registered.


Do not close this page!

We will send a 6-digit code to your email address. Make sure you check your junk folder and inbox.

If you accidentally exit the page, you will have to return to Step2.

Please wait for a new code

Ensure you enter the new code, not the old one!

Step 4: Enter your code and a new password

Welcome back to the provider portal!😄

If you are still struggling to enter the portal. Send us an email and we'll help you login.

Send us a message at:

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