Sometimes you'll find a lesson but it isn't quite the right time to fit your schedule. Maybe you need the lessons to align with your kid's ski school, or maybe you need to be at lunch for a certain time.

Below are some helpful tips for the timings of both group and private lessons.

Group Lessons

It isn't possible to change the timings of a group lesson. The ski school work on a rigid timetable to ensure that they can make the most out of giving you top quality lessons.

Different ski schools run on slightly different timetables and so it is always worth comparing your options. One school might have the perfect lesson times to suit you.

If the ski school only offers full day group lessons and you were hoping to just do a morning class, you can of course still book onto this course and sacrifice the afternoon lesson. There is no discount available for missing the afternoon but it gives you the flexibility to choose which days you want to ski.

Morning group lessons are always the first to sell out. If this is what you are looking for, try considering a later slot over lunch or in the afternoon. These lessons are usually a little cheaper, the snow has softened a little by then and the slopes are a little quieter while the rest of the resort is enjoying a long lunch!

Private Lessons

If you can’t find the exact times you are looking for for the group classes, there is always the option to book your own private instructor. You have far more flexibility with the times and you can mix and match morning and afternoon lessons.

The minimum amount of time to book onto a private lesson is usually 2-3 hours depending on the instructor and the ski school. The length is recommended as the optimum time to ensure that you make the most of your private ski instructor.

If a private lesson is showing set times - for example, 9 am when you would like to start at 9:30 am - please get in touch with the ski school after booking and they will likely be able to change this for you. Alternatively, you can book your private lesson and start a little later or end the lesson early - it's completely up to you! Just make sure you let your instructor know beforehand if you want to start late!

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